About us

While travelling in Western Australia I was introduced to a wonderful condiment product called Jomei's Sweet Balsamic Reduction. Of all the balsamic products on the market, nothing I had ever tasted previously, has ever come close to Jomeis'

On returning to New Zealand I tried to purchase the product from various fine food outlets but alas nothing could be found. Never to leave any stone unturned I decided to contact Jomei's Fine Foods in Melbourne Australia to see if their product was distributed in New Zealand and as expected the answer was no. Still undeterred by this result I decided to approach Jomei's with an offer to become the sole New Zealand distributor. Their reply was a resounding Yes, we would love to have you on board.

From there the rest is history, Jayla Fine Foods was born.  and our first shipment arrived in April 2011. After a lot of hard work we now have a growing network of New Zealand stockists in both the North and South Islands retailing our Sweet Balsamic Reduction.

In May 2017 Jayla Fine foods added a fabulous new product range of Nutritional Lattes to their stock.  These lattes are Caffeine free, Gluten free, Non GMO, No added sugar, Paleo & Vegan. These are the lattes that love you back. 

Jayla Fine Foods are New Zealand owned and based in Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty.  New Zealand.