The Village Press Leccino Olive Oil 500 ml


The Village Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil Leccino is a delicious single varietal oil made from Leccino olives. This medium intensity oil is lively on the nose with characterful green olive and herbal notes. On the palate, it shows hints of almond, ripe olive, fresh hay and a touch of black pepper on the finish.

Single varietal with medium Intensity. Smooth to taste with a hint of almond and black pepper. Suited to soups, sauces and salads  over pasta, grilled meat or vegetables to transform a simple meal. Add to marinades to add zesty herby kick to barbequed meat or fish.

Village Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil Leccino is the perfect match when drizzled together with Jomeis award winning Sweet Balsamic Reduction as a dip with a specialty breads.  

Extra Virgin is the premium olive oil made from the first pressing. It's high in flavour, cholestrol free and full of antioxidants.